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The Best Institute for the preparation of FMGE

Our FMGE / NExT Results speaks for our highest standards, quality and success rate over the years

MIST is the leading medical coaching institute in India as it is the only institute that has been specially designed for FMG/NExT coaching for the students who are pursuing medical graduation and wish to achieve their dream without wasting their precious time and money.

Since the inception of MIST, we have made remarkable progress. This has been possible through the overwhelming support of Our Student along with the extraordinary cooperation of faculties from all over India. The dedication of our faculties and staff has made MIST, a leader in FMG/NExT coaching and sought after by every aspirant for FMG/NExT preparation.

MIST comes under top Licensing Exam coaching institutes in India and has a very good success rate. MIST has spread its branches in different states of the country such as, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Trivandrum, Jaipur, Pune and also outside India such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Central Asia where we conduct Regular Batch Classes covering all the subjects of FMG / NExT in detail which are aligned to the FMG / NExT preparation.

The course also consists of a special FMG/NExT Test series devised and customized as per the requirement of the medical graduates.

We firmly believe that the MIST NMC coaching institute is ideally suited for every medical graduate to meet any new challenge in their medical career. The management and the faculty pledge full support in preparing our students to serve people in a way that honour this great country and outside as well.

Our Highlights

  • Best results amongst all FMG / NExT coaching institutes consistently over the years.
  • Best class room teaching of average eight to nine hours daily
  • Best infrastructure and best study environment for FMG / NExT preparation.
  • Highly reputed faculty having 7-12 years of experience specially trained for current examination pattern of FMG / NExT conducted by NBE
  • Regular batch & Vacation Batch
  • Weekly topic wise test series
  • Subject wise test series
  • FMG / NExT test series (MOCK)