Director's Message

Dr. Vineet Gupta

Dr. Vineet Gupta, MBBS, MS(Gold medallist) and fellow in liver transplant has passion for driving the success of medical graduates around the world over the years.

MIST is a cohesive workforce of leading educationists having a vast experience in teaching international and national medical graduates for FMG preparation. The teaching faculties and the management at MIST FMG Coaching comprises of individuals who have themselves experienced and mingled with the students in their respective countries.

After a live experience with students in their hostel, colleges, kitchen and the environment, we have analysed the hardships of the students which they have faced outside and in India.

At a tender age of 18, the Indian petals have started adapting to conditions where they have to learn a different language, different language, different pattern of teaching, cook for themselves, lead a responsible social life and above all have a humane attitude towards life. Believe it or not, we have drawn a conclusion that these petals become blossoming flowers when they come back to India. MIST FMG coaching strongly believe the personality of FMG students is much superior to many of those completing their education in India itself. With such a strong belief, further what is required is the right guidance and approach in clearing the screening test which is what we are committed to provide through our FMG coaching, and it does not end here……..

Wishing you all the Best

Dr. Vineet Gupta

Our aim is to achieve a quality living for FMG students and make them a better human being after clearing the Licensing exam in India.

Our Journey

Medical Institute for Screening Test (MIST ) was established on Oct’12,2012 in New Delhi, India. It is the only institute which has been specially designed for FMG Coaching for the students who are pursuing medical graduation and wish to achieve their dream without wasting their precious time and money. Since the inception of MIST , we have made a remarkable progress.

This has only been possible through the overwhelming support of Our Student along with extraordinary cooperation of faculties from all over India. The dedication of our faculties and staff has made MIST a leader in Licensing Exam coaching.


MIST FMG Coaching’s mission is to enable all Medical Graduate to pursue their dream to heal in their homeland and fulfil their dreams in life and serve the society.


MIST FMG Coaching family, achieves a quality living in India after clearing the FMG and becomes a better human being.
Our main aim is that each and every FMG student, who are a part of MIST FMG Coaching family, achieves a quality living in India after clearing the FMG and becomes a better human being.