• 1This is a screening exam, for foreign medical graduates which do not have any ranking system comprising of 300 questions and each question carry 1 mark. You are required to score 50% marks to pass this exam i.e. 150 marks out of 300 is pass.
  • 2The question paper is in two parts- Paper I and Paper II. Each paper comprises of 150 multiple choice questions each carrying 1 mark in an online test.
  • 3Each paper is of 150 minutes i.e.. (2 and half hour) duration. It means you will be getting 1 minute to select the right answer for each question which is a fair enough time. There shall be a break of approximately two hours between the two papers where you can go out from the centre and have some snacks.
  • 4The examination is conducted in June and December every year.


1.Approximately 95% questions are text written questions and 5% are visual slides based questions.

2.Text written questions are from all 19 subjects while visual questions are mainly from Surgery/ Radiology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2-3 visual questions may be asked from Pathology/ Microbiology/ PSM/ Ophthalmology and Medicine.

3.The blue print posted by the DNB at their website natboard.edu.in suggest the following descriptions of questions asked from different subjects -

  • 17Anatomy

  • 17Physiology

  • 17Biochemistry

  • 13Pathology

  • 13Microbiology

  • 13Pharmacology

  • 10Forensic Medicine

  • 30PSM

  • 15ENT

  • 15Ophthalmology

  • 33Medicine

  • 32Surgery

  • 30Obesity and Gynaecology

  • 15Paediatrics

  • 5Orthopaedics

  • 5Skin

  • 5Psychiatry

  • 5Radiology

  • 5Anaesthesia

  • However more questions can be asked from one subject and less questions from another.
  • If we consider the above distribution of questions from different subjects then 125 questions are asked from Medicine/ Surgery/ OBG and PSM.
  • Despite knowing this we have to prepare all subjects equally to score as much as possible.

How to prepare for the exam

  • 1Attend all the lectures of MIST FACULTY and FMGE / NExT test series questions as each and every faculty of MIST is one of the best in India. MIST faculties are known to make things simple for you and they make you learn in the class itself.
  • 2Try to be mentally present in the class for more than 80% of the time.
  • 3Read, understand all the FMGE / NExT test series concepts,learn and memorise each and every line written by you in your notes perfectly for best FMGE / NExT preparation.
  • 4If you find any difficulty you can directly ask the faculty in class.
  • 5Revise each subject at least thrice before Exam.
  • 6You shall have to appear for repeated test conducted by MIST MCI coaching every week, which is mandatory and your performance shall be evaluated by a dedicated team of trained people at MIST Delhi which shall be sharing your weak areas with you and shall also be suggesting the improvements required.
  • 7Make sure that you score 70% in all the tests by MIST MCI coaching. It is s a record for MIST that any MISTian who has continuously scored more than 70% in all the tests conducted by MIST, has scored above 200 marks in the FMGE / NExT.
  • 8You will have to appear for subject wise tests as well and a series of Mock test/FMGE Test Series of 300 questions before the exams to prepare you well for FMGE / NExT.
  • 9You will be added on the whatsapp group where you shall be receiving information about the class and test schedule. You shall also be continuously posted visual questions on this whatsapp group which will not only help you in solving the visual questions in the exam but also will help you in understanding the concepts in a better way.

These are some of the few reasons why MIST is the best medical coaching institutes in
India amongst all and that is why MIST has continuously delivered the best results every time.
We target approximately 200 direct questions from our own test papers in the FMGE / NExT.